“The mind says there is nothing beyond the physical world; the heart says there is, and I’ve been there many times


To this little oasis for healing and development! My name is Maria Iréne, most people call me Fia. For many years I have dedicated myself to exploring the subtle and deep layers of our existence. Now I help you find peace, healing and to develop spiritually through energy healing and channeled guidance.

It is not easy to live in today's fast paced society and maybe you feel a little overwhelmed, lost or exhausted at times. It is a true joy to support you in finding your unique path to health, harmony and joy in your life. During sessions, events and retreats, you get the opportunity to look deeper inside, to have the courage to feel, to untangle what blocks you and to discover your slumbering gifts.

I also guide you who have come a long way on your spiritual journey and want to expand further, through mentoring and courses.

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“With humility, reverence and respect, Fia leads into deep relaxation and recovery one breath at a time. She possesses the power to bring people together and create space to co-create. To hold and be held. In a tumultuous world, she instills hope, faith and love. She is always there for guidance and has been my most valuable sounding board so far and look forward to continuing this journey with her.”

- Jolie

What do you long for?

Healing energy

Treatments for deep relaxation and inner healing. Learn Reiki or intuitive healing by taking a course.

Intuitive & psychic development

Let your intuitive gifts flourish and discover psychic superpowers during workshops, circles or intuitive mentorship.

Spiritual growth

Deepen the connection with yourself, listen to the voice of your heart and release your truth with intuitive mentoring and development retreats.

I am here for you,


Who is energy sensitive, HSP, and want to turn this into the gift it truly is, who is longing to heal and free yourself from old limiting patterns, who is ready to develop your innate intuitive abilities and explore your own extra sensory gifts. Women, men, non-binary. We are all human. No matter your belief system or where your starting point is. Warm welcome! I will guide you.

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From my heart I offer services and intuitively create offerings all interwoven with the seasons of nature and with the changing streams of collective consciousness.





Upcoming events, courses and retreats

Here you find all the healing, developing, transforming and expanding offerings in the near future.

Treat yourself to a healing moment

"With warmth and good sence Fia takes care of you in the best way in her treatments. Sometimes tumultuous but in a good way and always in good hands"

– Annki

Intuitiv Praktik

Daglig kontakt med  kroppens visdom 

Det finns många vägar att komma hem till dig själv, att frigöra dig och att hitta din sanning.

Daglig Intuitiv andlig praktik med meditation, andning, intonande fria rörelser & energiarbete är några av dem!

Retreat - Dive into the Divine

Dolphin Retreat Azores June 2024

Är du redo för ditt livs djupaste och vackraste retreatäventyr?

Följ med oss på till underbara Sao Miguel Island, Azorerna där du får simma med vilda definer och möta valar!

Själslig Inspiration

För att nära din själ & inspirera ditt sinne

Jag har skrivit några texter till dig! Utifrån min egen erfarenhet av  högkänslighet, medialitet, intuition och andlig utveckling.
Förhoppningsvis kan du hitta lite värdefull kunskap, själslig näring och inspiration på din andliga väg!


~ Kommer väldigt snart! 

Gemenskap med andra som också är intresserade av andlighet är det finaste som finns! Jag är så glad att snart kunna bjuda in dig till vår alldeles egna healing community online där vi kan mötas och växa tillsammans.

Så länge är du välkommen till mitt nyhetsbrev, så blir du också en utav de första att få veta när dörrarna till communityt! 

Children and youth

Not only adults are curious!
Many children and young people growing up now have amazing abilities and many thoughts about the multidimensional. More often than not, there is no one who sees, understands and can guide in exploring these gifts. I experienced it myself when I was a child!

Therefore, I am very passionate about helping children and young people who are highly perceptive or have strong extrasensory and intuitive gifts. With the right guidance, children need not fear their mild superpowers but can learn to integrate them and use them to their advantage.

So if you are a parent and have a child who, for example, talks about spirits, is interested in energy and healing or spontaneously channels messages but would like support in how you can best support and promote development, do not hesitate to contact me.

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