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Global change

There is a big energetic transformation happening on earth right now and the children that are born during these times have a different frequency than the children of the generations before. Many of the children and youth are highly sensitive with very strong gifts and abilities that they may need support and help to develop. Because they will be needed in the near future.

Our society is changing at a rapid pace and much of what children learn in school will be outdated by the time they are young adults. However, their abilities are timeless, the children and youth who have these are here to help change the world for the better. But then we must not lock them into old structures...

Children with 'mild superpowers'

The children who are here to create change have gradually increased in number since the 1950s. Maybe you recognize yourself in this. If you are one of the "early ones", you have probably had a bit of a tough time in life and felt very different. Me too. Although it is easier today, society and school have not changed at the rate these children would need. Many receive diagnoses (eg NPF), which becomes a way to bridge the gap. Sometimes it is helpful and gives understanding for the children themselves and those around them. Nevertheless, there are so many who are not understood and helped at all! There are children and young people who have diagnoses but no increased perceptual abilities and there are many who do not receive any diagnoses who are very perceptive. Everyone is unique.

With the right guidance, children need not be afraid of their mild superpowers but can learn to manage them and use them to their advantage. It is also possible that these children are negatively affected by events and small traumas growing up because they are extra susceptible and may need support to process/heal. Therefore, I am very passionate about helping children and young people who are sensitive, highly perceptive or have extrasensory and intuitive gifts.

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According to the Patient Safety Act in Sweden, alternative treatments may not be offered to children under the age of 8, but there are other ways of working, in agreement with you as an adult. Children from the age of 12 may receive treatment with the presence of a guardian. So if you have a child who, for example, is sensitive to energy, needs healing on some level, is curious about healing practice, talks about other dimensions/existences or spontaneously channels messages but wants support in how you as a parent can support and promote the development of best way do not hesitate to contact me.

Not all children and young people who have abilities want to learn more about them and it is incredibly important to respect that. There is always the option for them to explore later in life as well if that is the point.

I tune into the needs of your child to see how we can best work in a joyful and appropriate way to heal and/or support.

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Together in a joyful and suitable way, we work to heal and/or support your child.