Dive into the divine

Wild Dolphin Retreat ~ Azores June 2024

Swim with wild dolphins and connect with whales!

In beautiful Sao Miguel Island, Azores. This retreat is a truly magical experience to connect you deeper to your inner divine, your souls essence, your hearts calling and to the natural paradise called Earth.

Retreat dates: 20-27 June 2024

Destination: Villa Franca do Campo, Sao Miguel, Azores

We are swimming in your heartspace, in the depths of your essence, opening up new dimensions for you to experience. New dimensions of unconditional love, the vibrations of love echoing in the universe. New dimensions of deep and complete peace and oneness.

/Channeling from the dolphins, Charlotte Björndotter.

A deep dive into the divine

Join us to the magical group of islands called the Azores, and to the powerful island of Sao Miguel. In the big deep blue Atlantic ocean dolphins and whales are waiting to share their wisdom, love and transformative energies with us. Many people who have experienced close contact with wild dolphins and whales testify to physical, emotional and spiritual experiences, and no one is left untouched by their loving and playful healing presence.

The goal is opening your heart, connecting to your heart space and aligning with your essence, your higher self. Also opening your heart to nature, animals and feeling unconditional love, compassion and oneness. A deep dive into the divine.

The retreat is exclusive, the group consists of only 8 participants at the most which will create the best opportunities and circumstances for the participants.

Retreat highlights

  • 3 guided tours- swimming with dolphins and connecting with whales
  • Lectures about dolphins and whales- how to connect and swim with them
  • Lecture about animal communication
  • Special summer solstice/midsummer celebration and ceremony
  • Magical full moon ceremony
  • Excursions to Caldeira Velhe,Terra Nostra parque and Nossa Senhora Da paz.
  • Transformational meditations and group healing
  • Sound healing for deep relaxation
  • Optional gentle movement/yoga sessions
  • Ceremonies (energy work) for the waters and wellbeing of planet Earth


Main focus is of course on our 3 guided dolphin and whale tours,

which we will enjoy during 3 afternoons. We have rented the boat for only our group so there will be many opportunities to swim with the dolphins. We swim 2 to 4 persons at a time. We will respect and honour the dolphins, so if they are not in a mood to meet us we will connect with them from the boat. The weather can be unpredictable in the Azores, but in june- july it is more stable. Nevertheless we can't guarantee that the weather allows us to go on all 3 tours. We have many different dolphin species in the Azores, and hopefully we will interact with and meet several of them during our tours, we usually do. There is also the possibility to meet whales, but we are not allowed to swim with them. But it is an amazing and powerful feeling to connect with them from the boat I can assure you. The company that we collaborate with are extremely respectful and caring about the dolphins and whales, and has a focus on sustainability and ecofriendly tours.

Apart from swimming with wild dolphins and connecting with whales we will do several excursions to magical places on the island to experience the magical paradise.

Caldeira Velhe

a beautiful powersite embedded in a lush paradise environment consisting of a beautiful waterfall and a natural pool where you can swim and relax. There is also a small thermal natural pool naturally embedded in nature with warm and healing water.

Another of our excursions is visiting Terra Nostra, a magical botanical garden

Terra Nostra means “our earth”. In Terra Nostra there are beautiful plants and trees from all over the world, duck ponds, mineral springs and a big thermal mineral water pool called “the fountain of youth”. The pool consists of natural minerals from a thermal spring and the water is between 35 to 40 degrees Celsius.

We will also visit Nossa Senhora da paz

Above the village Vila Franca is the sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da paz located. (our Lady of Peace) A monumental staircase opens onto one of Sao Miguel’s most beautiful landscapes which includes a breathtaking view over the Atlantic ocean.

In addition to the schedule for the dolphin tours and excursions, we will do various ceremonies, meditations and healing exercises to connect deeper to yourself, to nature and to earth.


In order to create a deep connection with the ocean, dolphins, whales, fish, turtles, and our divine essence we invite you to daily grounding, peaceful and heartfelt meditations during the retreat.


Charlotte will give lectures about animal communication, dolphins, dolphin behavior and dolphin assisted therapy. Fia will share some of her knowledge about orcas and whales. We believe it is important to engage in learning as well as direct experiences with our oceanic friends.

Ceremonies and celebrations

It is no coincidence we have been called to visit the Azores at this exact time. The retreat will begin with the summer solstice and midsummer eve. This calls for a celebration. The following day we will witness the powerful fullmoon in Capricorn and enjoy a magical ceremony together. We will also perform a powerful and beautiful water healing ceremony, to honor the water, the sea, and all of its inhabitants. The ceremonies are led by Fia and Charlotte but created together in a way that feels safe and comfortable yet expanding for every one. You always participate in the way that feels true and natural to you.

Sound healing

You will also have the chance to enjoy sound healing group sessions. Enchanting vocals and singing bowls lull you into deep relaxation, rest and inner peace.

Movement/yoga sessions

Fia will be guiding gentle yoga/movement sessions to give the physical body and mind the softening, ease and recovery you might long for. These are yummie but optional.

Group healing and healing for planet earth

Energy healing is woven in as an integral part during ceremonies, meditations and group sessions. There are also possibilities for private sessions (more info below). A big reason we are in the Azores is that it is home to many powerful sites. Charlotte and Fia together with the cetaceans will be performing healing energy work for the Earth as whole before, during and after the retreat. If you are curious and interested in assisting you are very welcome to do that also. You will always have the option to give your consent before any healing or energy work.


Retreat organizers

Charlotte ”Delphi” Björndotter

Animal communicator, healer, swimming with wild dolphins retreats, nature ceremonies, guided meditations, singer and drummer, oracle card reader and best selling author.

I'm swedish and a passionate and inspiring advocate for the earth, nature and animals. My mission is to guide humans to align with their essence and discover a universal and divine heart connection with mother earth, animals and the universe. I'm an experienced animal communicator and healer and I cooperate with advanced dolphin and whale spirit guides in the powerful healing modality, Delphi Healing. I channel the energy, wisdom and messages from nature and animals in singing and drumming ceremoinies, retreats, healing sessions and guided meditations. I also do oracle card readings.

I offer swimming with wild dolphin retreats worldwide, for example in the Azores and in Egypt. Soon also in Zanzibar. You will learn a lot about dolphins, dolphin behaviour and how to connect with them heart to heart and soul to soul. Open your heart, feel the unconditional love and compassion . Connect and align with your essence, in oneness with nature, wild dolphins, whales and the universe. I am a best selling author and a columnist in Inspire Magazine.

www.charlottedelphi.com & FB/IG @living_the_dolphin_way

Private session – Delphi healing with Charlotte

I have a powerful and pure connection with animals and especially with dolphins and whales. I have developed and created a healing modality with dolphins and whales called Delphi healing. The word delphi derives from the greek word delphinus which means womb, the place of creation. I work intuitively together with the purest and the highest vibrating dolphin and whale spirits. In the session I am guided by these dolphin and whale spirits and I convey their healing energy and wisdom. You will be guided on a deep inner journey where we will feel what you need at the moment. We will work with your heart energy a lot, to open your heart for pure and unconditional love and compassion for yourself, humans, nature and animals. We will work together with your spirit guides with your energy field as well as your body and your chakras. We will tap into previous lives that will help you understand yourself better. We will remove blockages that you have that prevent you from being your divine self. We will also work with animal spirits that are linked to you and help you. We will also provide spiritual guidance about what is most needed for you to know right now. The goal is to help you connect to your divine essence and to help you create the life of your dreams according to your life purpose and mission here on earth . After the session we will talk about the session and what we both experienced during the session. I will also pick oracle cards for you.


A heart-opening journey with these magical dolphins that came when Charlotte asked them. The guide said that as close as they came, they tend not to come, and I felt that it was due to Charlotte. The dolphins and Charlotte helped me also to confront and overcome my fear of water which was fantastic. Memories were created that I will carry with me in my heart for the rest of my life. I warmly recommend Charlotte's trips to the dolphins and the Azores.

/ Ingela Landén-Skogmo, Norway


Anyone who is willing and able should take this opportunity to go with Charlotte to meet the dolphins. Charlotte possess so much knowledge about dolphins on a higher plane, which means that you will not just swim with them but you will meet them from heart to heart and they will give you what you need. After this meeting, you will see the world in a different way and at a different level, and you will know what to do to live your life to the fullest!

/ Sara Syréhn, Malmo, Sweden 

Maria Iréne Fia

Intuitive healer, energy worker, course facilitator, multidimensional mentor, space holder, nature and adventure guide. Initiator of the collaborative project www.pulseofgaia.com

I serve as an energy healer, intuitive guide and teacher who holds the vision of the new earth. Where humans can exist in peaceful communion with each other and in harmony with nature and the whole. I see your truth and guide to free yourself from all that prevents you from expressing your full potential and living in freedom and joy. Channeling is done with love and care, you get tools to be able to see deeper, heal and grow from where you are on your journey. I also guide you to discover your soul gifts, deepen your intuition, develop healing abilities and safely explore our multidimensional existence. Through individual sessions, mentorship, circles/ceremonies, courses and retreats.

Jag är ursprungligen från Sverige men har arbetat över 10 år som natur- och äventyrsguide i olika länder inklusive veckolånga kajakturer med späckhuggare, knölvalar och delfiner på Kanadas västkust. Jag brinner för många saker; hållbart leverne, koppling till naturen, odling av ekologisk mat och läkande örter, meningsfulla relationer, att vara sann, kreativitet och såklart mitt själsuppdrag här på jorden. Jag hoppas kunna förgylla din upplevelse under vår retreat med lugn, djup, glädje och autenticitet.

www.mariairenefia.com & IG @mariairenefia>

Private session – Intuitive energy and sound healing sessions with Fia

Intuitive healing is a treatment that is channeled using intuition, psychic abilities, sound and different types of energy healing to give you exactly what you need most in the moment. Each treatment is unique and also includes guidance and intuitive messages.

Apart from being incredibly relaxing this work touches the deeper layers of you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your body has an incredible capacity for self-healing. Just like nature, your internal systems are constantly striving for balance and harmony. Where every part of the whole is allowed to function exactly as it is intended to function. It is possible when we cleanse any disturbances and provide the right conditions for healing on multiple levels simultaneously. To help you with any challenges you are experiencing, to gain insight and to evolve on your journey. 

Safely held in unconditional love, you can heal that which is wounded, traumatized, blocked and out of balance in you. Intuitive healing can also help in removing energies that are not yours. It can be energies from other people, souls attracted to you or energy forms that need another to be close to for energy. My experience is that such energy releases often need to be followed up with internal work and integration. Healing also means reconnecting with your heart and soul. So your whole true essence may fill your body and energy sphere, bringing liberation, joy and love in your life.


"Wonderful Fia. So warm and genuine. What incredible intuition. Thoughtful classes but still sensitive to the needs of the group and the individual. Solid knowledge that she is generous with sharing. I feel incredibly grateful for her participation in my retreat. She was much appreciated by the guests"

/ Marie, El-Quesir, Egypt


"I got to know Fia through yoga, but soon noticed that she worked with so much more - life force energy. If someone had told me that they worked with energies a few years ago, I would probably have been skeptical, but after a few lessons I ventured into my first energy treatment. What Fia does is magical - she recharges tired batteries, sometimes speaks out loud what needs to be expressed, senses things that exist in other dimensions and gently guides the body and soul on the right path. Incredibly grateful that I met Fia and that she brought me back to life. After a severe exhaustion with a tired body and a tired soul, I now have a smile on my face again and a strength that I thought was lost. Recommend everyone to explore what Fia conveys and which I myself can only describe as multidimensional healing."

/ Cecilia, Stockholm, Sweden


"Oh the circles and ceremonies under Fias guidance are magical and take the transformation to another level. Soft landing from a busy world, thoughts and feelings that become clearer, dreams that dare to be born. A community where all feelings are welcome and seen under the gentle care"

/Jolie , Stockholm, Sweden

“Anyone who is willing and able should take this opportunity to go on this journey to connect and swim with the dolphins. Charlotte possesses so much knowledge about dolphins on a higher level which means that you will not just swim with them but you will connect with them heart to heart and they will give you what you need. After this meeting you will see the world in a different way and you will know what to do to live your life to the fullest!”

/Sara Syrehn, Malmö, Sweden.

Can you feel the calling?

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