About Healing Arts - Your path to wholeness

What is Healing Arts?

It is a common term for all health-promoting, wellness and healing practices. In Swedish it is translated as medical knowledge or medical skills. However, the Swedish words are used in school medicine and have acquired a completely different "meaning".

Many of the ancient Eastern healing traditions as well as the old Swedish ones such as medicinal herbs and natural magic belong to the concept of Healing Arts. It can also be connected to healing through artistic creation, such as painting, free dancing and singing but it doesn't have to at all.

The healing tools

There are so many different things that are healing such as pure and nutritious food, moving the body, being in nature, breathing properly, loving relationships, talking to someone trusted, joy and laughter, creativity and so on. You probably have your own favorites for healing. 

The healing tools I use are liberating energy exercises (breathing, voice, laughter, stillness, movement), energy healing (life force, reiki & intuitive healing), guidance (Intuition, ESP extra sensory perception) and the power of nature (being outdoors, spiritual contact , food, herbs). When you come to a session, course or retreat with me, you quickly notice that I weave the methods so that you get the most helpful and enjoyable experience possible.

Energy healing - How does it work?

Healing using subtle life energy is energy healing. We can use it to work with well-being on different levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Regardless of how we approach healing it actually happens energetically. Because basically everything is energy! When we look at matter in its smallest elements it is only vibrations, even though it may appear solid to our human senses. Energy medicine, healing, affects all layers of you at the subtlest level to balance and harmonize what is out of balance.

During individual sessions or group healing circles, I create a safe space, invite presence, listen deeply and channel life energy that activates and stimulates the body's own natural ability to heal and restore itself. To release tension that is difficult to release, to understand patterns that are hard to understand, to accept things that are tricky to accept, to process emotions that are hard to process, to love all aspects of you and to become whole. It is a subtle communication between your body and the intelligence of the life force that controls what will happen during the session, to support healing for your body and mind. Therefore, self-healing and healing can be very different from session to session and from person to person. Generally you feel very calm and relaxed afterwards. Sometimes messages and information come through during the healing moment, which I then relay to you or the group. Energy healing and guidance can help you take one or more steps on your healing and/or spiritual journey!

The purpose of healing

"Healing is not fixing for you are not broken. It is slowly dissolving the layers of what is not you until only your true light essence remains"


The deepest purpose of healing is to find your way back to the true essence. Peeling away all the layers of learned patterns, expectations, traumas, defense mechanisms and limiting beliefs to rediscover the part of you that does not change regardless of external circumstances. To recondition and relearn so that you become who you were born to be. Actually, all healing methods point in the same direction, towards your true self!

Questions that sometimes come up are; Why should we keep healing all the time? Am I really broken? In my opinion, it depends on how you look at it. If there is something in you or your life that is limiting you from living your life to the fullest based on your true potential. Then there are things to heal. It doesn't mean you're broken, just that something is off center.

Healing is not a quick fix!

Healing is an art
It takes practice
It takes time
It takes love

It is a gentle process that extends over time where you meet and heal one layer at a time at the rate that you and your body are ready for. You experience a gradual improvement.Sometimes you need to come back to certain problems or patterns several times to go deeper and learn more and more about yourself. It is completely natural.

The path to healing - Transformation in 5 steps


The path to healing - Transformation in 5 steps

1. Awareness - The healing process always begins with the awareness that something is out of balance. You find that there is something you need to heal and it may show up through mental, emotional or physical symptoms or a general experience of stagnation.

2. Longing - It awakens a longing for things to be different. Getting healthy, feeling better, becoming free from limited patterns or moving forward in life and reaching your dreams. It is an important step to allow yourself to fantasize about how you would like life to be.

3. Intention - Forming an intention based on your unique needs is the first thing that happens when you start a healing journey with me. To clarify your needs and desires in words.

4. Healing - With 3 principles

Identify and remove/change what is damaging - The body cannot heal under the same conditions that made it unbalanced/sick. We must identify what is causing the disruption in the natural way of functioning and remove the external disturbances that cause damage or prevent rejuvenation on a physical, mental and emotional level. There are a number of factors which can harm your well-being: Stress, loneliness/individualism, lack of nutrition in food, toxic substances, radiation, unnatural movement patterns, foreign energies, stored emotions or the effect of traumatic events.

Supply what is missing or needed - Deficiencies/unmet needs often lead to health challenges and sometimes the body needs help to find its way back to its natural state. We are complex multidimensional beings and sometimes healing work is needed on multiple levels simultaneously to resolve a problem, blockage or health challenge. I therefore have several trusted physical workers and health professionals that I collaborate with if it turns out that is what is needed for you. I also like to interweave the energy healing with any efforts you are already making to support your health and healing such as diet, herbs, physical activity and counseling/psychology.

Let it take time and be patient - The body does everything it can to function optimally and balance itself. Building new cells and healing takes time. Different lengths depending on what has become unbalanced. Give yourself plenty of room for recovery and restoration. A “healing reaction” means that symptoms you previously experienced get worse for a short period before they start to get better and it can be compared to the chills and soreness you feel in the muscles after a proper massage. Remember that your body always wants the best for you!

These 3 principles apply regardless of which method of natural healing you choose to use and this is how I currently work with all intuitive treatments. Cleanse/clear, replenish and let the body go through its healing and balancing of the layer/levels we worked on.

5. Transformation - Healing leads to an inner and outer transformation. It is common for you to experience changes in ways you could never have imagined. Your circumstances may even change. Sometimes the transformation can be a little dazing at first but eventually it shows that everything that is all happening is for your highest good. When you embrace and begin to love the rejected and forgotten aspects of yourself, you often discover many hidden gifts along the way.

"Hidden in your darkest corners are your greatest gifts"

Small glossary

There are many words that may need some explanation. Here are some of them.


Balancing and restoring to how the body and mind are meant to function.


Removing energy that doesn't belong & dissolving energy bonds.


Enhancing strengths & clarifying who you really are. The true self.


 Energy flow that can be transmitted by a person and possibly passed on to one or more recipients in the form of healing, activation, messages, words, signs, sounds, art, etc.


Messages from higher sources of wisdom that are helpful for you where you are in life right now.