Maria Iréne Fia

Who am I?

Living simply, carefully and in harmony is what I care about in life. Walking barefoot on the grass, listening to the birds, growing my own food and herbs, feeling the freedom up on a mountain top, creating or dancing for the joy of it, making a positive imprint and to love to my heart's full capacity. I am and have always been a fairly ordinary person, with roots in eastern Finland and northern Sweden, who made quite different life choices and discovered along the way that I have some "unusual" abilities. Maybe I can help you do and discover the same!

Many of us have unfortunately lost touch with ourselves, nature and our self-healing power. I myself have also been straying from the path at times. It doesn't help that we live in a society that is out of balance and filled with stressors and challenges to our health. Where feminine qualities are devalued, logic dominates over intuition and anything that is not "science" is belittled. It is not surprising that many people are stressed, sick and unhappy. The nice thing is that it can be changed.

I strongly believe in the amazing ability of our bodies and minds to balance and restore when conditions are favorable for healing. I am also fully convinced that a large part of creating a better world together is daring to look inward, reflect, change and grow as people. Reconnecting with your innermost selves, daring to rest in beingness, following your truth and unearthing your unique gifts are among the most important (and most rebellious) things you can do for yourself (and the world)!

My own journey

I discovered as a 6-7 year old that I could perceive much more about other people (and situations) than what they expressed and understood that not everyone else did. It was a bit confusing then but later it turned out to be a great asset. From just feeling very odd, to both understanding and learning to use my abilities for something positive.

The confusion of perceiving the unseen, the unheard and the unspoken without having any explanation for what was going on led me on a journey of discovery, to find out what is really true. I can't claim to have uncovered any simple "truths" but have learned a whole lot along the way. Familiarized with the concept of HSP, practiced methods and taken courses for holistic well-being, understood that we are all multi-dimensional beings, intrinsically connected to everything else and that most of us have a whole gold mine of gifts just waiting to be discovered. If you're reading this, you're probably one of them.

Nowadays, soul aspects and spiritual dimensions have a natural place in my life. The deep contact with my inner self, nature, the earth and everything is constantly present. Intuition, feeling, knowing and awareness of the subtle are woven into everyday existence. It has not always been so easy and obvious. I have faced a lot of internal and external resistance, fears and doubts along the way. It is part of development.

Life has also challenged me with health problems several times including burn-out and the skin condition vitiligo. Since I believe in our inner capacity to heal naturally this is and has always been my preferred path to healing myself!

How I work

My path has led me here, to work as a healer, intuitive guide, teacher and mentor. To help you heal, grow and free yourself from all that prevents you from living freely, joyfully and in harmony.

In healing, it is extremely valuable to understand the healthy aspects, to enhance the strengths and to carry with you the view that you are whole and valuable as you are. Energy healing is about reminding the different parts of you how they are meant to function and reestablishing the original balance. Personal development is accepting and loving yourself fully. Through spirituality, you regain contact with your essence and are led back home to you.

It is incredibly important to me that you always feel safe and supported. Therefore we always start with your needs and from where you are in order to be able to take the steps you are ready for, easefully and completely without performance.

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Courses and qualifications

The love for nature undoubtedly has to do with my ten years as a nature and adventure guide in Sweden and abroad. Nowadays, I weave in many of my experiences from there during outdoor events and retreats.

When it came time to let go of the nomadic life and move back to Sweden, the soul called me to go deeper. After 200 h of yoga teacher training in Embodied Flow followed by immersions in Embodied yin, yin, restorative, pranayama and meditation, I founded and ran Fia Yoga in Sthlm for several years. Right now I live in an off-grid cabin in the Värmland forests and learn everything about self-sustaining. 

It was actually the Reiki course I attended in 2017 without having a clue of what I signed up for that completely changed my life. It opened up to a whole new world of energies! At the same time, I felt a strong feeling that it was something I was already capable of and also what I am destined to do. For the rest of my life, my calling. I am incredibly grateful for all the fantastic teachers and mentors I had the pleasure of studying with and all the wisdom they shared.

Click on the plus to see courses and trainings I have taken in Wilderness & Leadership and Spirituality & Health.


Courses - Outdoor & Leadership

Nature & adventure guide, 1 år, Christian Persson, Bollerup, Sweden

First aid at work, Newquay, England
Pool life guard, Bude, England
Level 2 Kayak Coach, BCU, Bude England

White water safety & rescue, BCU, Cornwall, England
4 Star Sea Kayak Award, BCU, Cornwall, England
Single Pitch Award Climbing Instructor, BMC, England
Beach lifeguard, Bude, England
Level 2 Canoe Coach Trainee, BCU, Cornwall, England

Outdoor life and pedagogy, 15 hp, University of Kristianstad
Instructor licence Sea Kayak, NIL, Blekinge

Snowboard teacher Step 1, SLAO, Idre
Riverrafting guide, Certified by Transportstyrelsen, Idre

Teacher program - Physical education 120 hp, GIH. Stockholm

HLR Instructor
Leadership & safety in outdoor education, 30 hp, Linné university, Växjö

UGL training, Gällöfsta leadership development, Kungsängen
Examinor for Indoor Climbing Instructors, SKF, Stockholm
Help Instructor Outdoor climbing, SKF, Stockholm, Sweden

Sportclimbing Instructor, SKF, Stockholm, Sweden

Wilderness first aid & CPR, Vancouver, Kanada
Marine Radio Operators Certificate (VHF), Cambell River, Kanada

Sea Kayak Guide Level 2, SKGABC, Victoria, Kanada

Leadership--Quality-Improvement 60 hp 2015-2016, Uppsala University

Courses - Spirituality & Wellbeing

Ashtanga Yoga (advanved course), Ajay Kumar, Mysore, India
Pranayama Foundations, B.N.S Iyengar, Mysore, India
10 days Vipassana, S.N Goenka via assisting teacher, Lutirano, Italien

Laughter Yoga Leader Training, Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat, Vancouver, Kanada

10 days Vipassana Server, S.N Goenka via assisting teacher, Merrit, Canada

10 days Vipassana, S.N Goenka via assistant teacher, Ödeshög

10 days Vipassana Server, S.N Goenka via assisting teacher, Egbert, Canada
5 days Vipassana Server, S.N Goenka via assistant teacher, Ödeshög

50 h Embodied Flow Immersion, Tara Judelle, Helsingfors, Finland
200 h Embodied Flow Teacher Training, Satu Tuomela, Stockholm
50 h Yin Yoga Grundutbildning, Surya Kontis, Huddinge, Sweden
Reiki Level 1, Michelle Baker, Stockholm

Laughter Yoga Teacher Training, Lotte Mikkelsen, Hemel Hempstead, England
Reiki Level 2, Michelle Baker, Varberg, Sweden
Adjustments for yoga teachers, Johanna Alvin, Göteborg, Sweden
100 h Embodied Flow Yin Yoga Immersion, Scott Lyons & Satu Tuomela, Stockholm

Reiki Master Training, Åsa Elvegård, Stockholm
Reiki Level 1, Level 2 och Master Training, Lisa Powers, Online
40 h Yin Yoga Extra Allt, Surya Kontis, Huddinge, Sweden

Shakti Yoga, Mira Moonya, Stockholm, Sweden
PIM- Personal development, intuition and mediumship, Helen Engström, Köping, Sweden
Duality- Upgrade your energy self, Jeffrey Allen, Online

Meditation teacher diploma, Centre of Excellence, Online
Meet your spirit guides course, Nicole Di Cristofaro, Online

Reiki Master Training , Michelle Baker, Nyköping
Dance- and movement therapy, 15 hp, Karlstads University, Sweden

Art therapy, Online - Ongoing

How is it to work with me?

Warm words from former course participants, reiki clients, yoga students and partners.

I ended up with Fia by chance or the gravity of the universe who knows!! Either way, I was in great need of getting in touch with myself after many years disconnected and being co-dependent. After Reiki treatments and also a course with deep relaxation, I now have tools to work with myself. Fia's intuition is accurate and I am so grateful to have met her.

– Paula

I have taken several treatments, participated in yoga, various circles and events as well as Reiki course step 1 and 2 led by Fia. I feel such trust and security with Fia. She works so empathetically and carefully. I have both laughed, cried and felt the warmth. Dared to face tough challenges and often feel that the body becomes completely "marinated with magical calm, trust and curiosity". I don't know how to explain it, but what Fia has done with me is magical.

– Ingela

I am so incredibly satisfied with Reiki step 1 - the course with Fia. She guided me in an open and inspiring way and made me feel confident in practicing Reiki both on myself and others. She has a heart of gold and gave space for all our thoughts. The weekend was filled with emotions and insights. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Marie

The course in intuitive healing with Fia was incredibly strong and beautiful. I got new tools to be able to open up and hold space in healing and ceremony. I felt an activation of my intuitive and psychic abilities. Through the course, they were so beautifully seen for real and in that light they got a chance to blossom even more, which I feel they did. Intuitive Healing is such a wonderful form of energy healing. So free, subtle and empathetic and at the same time hugely powerful!


I hope we meet & share something beautiful!

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Common questions

I have collected some frequently asked questions, click on the plus to get answers.

How does energy healing work?

Read the answer on the page Healing Arts - Your path to wholeness

What is a treatment like?

Answer: The treatment takes between 30 - 90 minutes and can be done remotely or in person. Remotely, you choose and prepare a quiet place where you receive the session. The contact takes place via email or Zoom, depending on what you have chosen. In person, you get to come to a space with a nice atmosphere and enjoy your session. It starts with us talking for a while about your needs and then you lie down on the healing bench. The treatments are always done with clothes on. Afterwards we talk a little about how the healing session has been.

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Can everyone learn healing?

Answer: Yes, anyone can learn to practice energy healing. It is a dormant capacity in all people. You just need to be curious and interested in learning how to practice healing for yourself and perhaps also for others. 

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How can I learn to trust my intuition?

Answer: Maybe you are already aware of your gut feeling that sometimes tells you what feels right and wrong. That's a good start! As intuition becomes more complex and the senses pick up information that is difficult to explain, it becomes trickier. Many people begin to doubt whether what they perceive really can be true. The best way to learn to trust your intuition is to DECIDE to trust it. The reason you hesitate is either the fear of being wrong or the potential reactions of those around you about what you receive. Ignore both. Start honoring your intuition as if it is always true. You will be wrong sometimes, it is human and completely natural. Most of the time, though, you'll be right! Try it again and again and you'll notice!

Do you want help to develop and strengthen your intuition or healing abilities? Then Intuitive Mentorship is for you!

Am I psychic?

Answer: Many are psychic without knowing it. There is a misconception that mediumship only involves seeing ghosts or having contact with the spirit world. Being psychic is so much more than that. Psychic ability means an enhanced intuition and expanded ability to receive information from other dimensions/layers of our existence (than the "physical"). You may sense what others feel, experience energies, know things without knowing how you know, smell smells and taste tastes that don't match the situation you're in, get visions or have lucid dreams You often naturally have one or two stronger senses but all of your senses can be trained to be used psychically.