I ended up with Fia by chance or the gravity of the universe who knows!! Either way, I was in great need of getting in touch with myself after many years disconnected and being co-dependent. After Reiki treatments and also a course with deep relaxation, I now have tools to work with myself. Fia's intuition is accurate and I am so grateful to have met her.

– Paula

I have taken several treatments, participated in yoga, various circles and events as well as Reiki course step 1 and 2 led by Fia. I feel such trust and security with Fia. She works so empathetically and carefully. I have both laughed, cried and felt the warmth. Dared to face tough challenges and often feel that the body becomes completely "marinated with magical calm, trust and curiosity". I don't know how to explain it, but what Fia has done with me is magical.

– Ingela

I am so incredibly satisfied with Reiki step 1 - the course with Fia. She guided me in an open and inspiring way and made me feel confident in practicing Reiki both on myself and others. She has a heart of gold and gave space for all our thoughts. The weekend was filled with emotions and insights. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Marie

The course in intuitive healing with Fia was incredibly strong and beautiful. I got new tools to be able to open up and hold space in healing and ceremony. I felt an activation of my intuitive and psychic abilities. Through the course, they were so beautifully seen for real and in that light they got a chance to blossom even more, which I feel they did. Intuitive Healing is such a wonderful form of energy healing. So free, subtle and empathetic and at the same time hugely powerful!